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    Mercy Village: Community Builder

    Every Bit Helps: No contribution is too small. Join the community effort in bringing Mercy Village to life, one step at a time

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    Brick Layer

    Build Hope, Brick by Brick: With a $100 donation, you become a Brick Layer, contributing 50 bricks towards the construction of a home in Mercy Village. Each brick you sponsor lays the path towards a secure and stable shelter for a family.

    94 claimed

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    Foundation Builder

    Lay the Groundwork: Your donation helps lay the foundation for one home, setting the stage for a family's new beginning in Mercy Village.

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    Wall Raiser

    Erect the Walls: Contribute to the construction of the walls, giving shape and security to a family's future home

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    Roof Sponsor

    Complete the Shelter: Your generous gift provides a roof, offering safety and shelter to a family in need.

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    Cover Half the Cost of a House

    Cover half the cost of building a home in Mercy Village. Your contribution will go a long way in ensuring that displaced families have a roof over their heads.

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    Home Maker

    Fulfill a Dream: Your generous gift of $5900 sponsors the complete construction of one home in Mercy Village. As a Home Maker, you're not just building walls and roofs; you're crafting a sanctuary of hope and security for a family. Your contribution directly transforms lives, providing a foundation for a brighter, more stable future. Embrace the opportunity to make a profound, lasting impact by giving the invaluable gift of a home.

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